24 Mar 2020

Stay Safe Everyone

In these uncertain times, the most important thing is for us all to get out of this alive

We closed our door today to the public

I will post again when we reopen the shop

Be kind, be sensible, be honest but most of us all are happy in the knowledge that by all staying home and not abusing the government guidelines we will all have a happy and healthy future ahead x

Love to you all

Lorraine xxxxxxxxxx

23 Jan 2020

Great Britain 2020

2020 will be a great new year

With Brexit on its way , the anxiety of the past few years is over .

The way forward is TO MAKE BRITAIN GREAT again x That means everyone buying British as much as possible . All of my suppliers are British and I intend to support them all as usual x

Let’s make this one hell of a year for us all xxxx

5 Oct 2016

A few inspirations this week xxxx

The chilled weather tends to lend itself to rich tweeds whilst long lazy holidays by the coast inspire more of a beach house look this week . Christmas isn't too far away , lots of festive cushions and throws are on the workroom list for the next few weeks xxxxxxx